• Evelyn Morris

    I’m at the SSBJCC daily and I’m thrilled to see the opportunities offered to the special needs community. They participate in swimming, arts and crafts, JCC games, serving lunch to the seniors, and at all times, they are having so much fun. They each have a mentor providing the much needed supervision. As a parent of two DD middle-aged sons I’m so happy to see this growth in our society.

    on May 9, 2017   |   Reply
  • Betsy Zalaznick

    The new JCC Adult Intern Program is off to a fun start!

    There is so much work to do that the Interns are either assisting in the kitchen baking and preparing meals for both the Seniors and PreSchooler weekly lunches. Or they are helping to complete numerous other tasks that includes mailing/label projects; administrative/clerical activities; preparing games and crafts for carnivals and other special programming.

    Recreationally the Interns are improving their water skills in the pool; playing basketball in the gym; toning up and getting strong in the fitness center and taking walks around the amazing campgrounds.

    We feel so lucky that there is such a warm, friendly community at the JCC.

    on May 3, 2017   |   Reply
  • Debbie Golden

    As a family with children demonstrating problems with attention, emotional regulation, impulsivity, and sensory processing, we look forward to Sunday afternoons at the JCC Respite Program. Here, our children participate in and enjoy a wide range of activities, from swimming to sports and outdoor games, closely monitored by caring, patient, experienced staff.

    Because we trust the watchfulness of the caregivers and the security of the site, we feel great relief from the stress of getting things done on the weekend. For two hours we can focus on our needs, knowing the children are safe! We truly appreciate this gift of time.

    Linda Voigt

    on May 2, 2017   |   Reply