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We believe that a lifestyle is more than just skilled therapy, vocational training, or a place to live — it is the attitude you possess, the goals you strive for, and that which you believe is possible. A lifestyle is the seamless synchronization of Therapy, Community, Work, and Home. The UIRehab family of companies offers an array of services specially designed to facilitate a lifestyle that is every bit as functional as it is rewarding, harnessing the power of the community at large and a belief in the individual.

As you learn more about us, you will discover that UIRehab offers a multitude of services that focus on body, mind, and spirit — physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, cognitive therapy, and group treatment, as well as a full range of superior medical support and rehabilitation consultation services.

You will also find that UIRehab offers vocational programs that focus on sectors of the economy, including manufacturing, retail, technology, design, and media. Therapists, along with trade specialists and field professionals, assist our clients in the development and expansion of their skills. Clients participate in every aspect of the real economy by building, repairing, marketing, and selling.

UIRehab also offers the finest residential supportive living services, including Community Residences, Supported Apartments, and Semi-Independent Living.

The UIRehab family has grown to include Universal Institute, Therapeutic Rehabilitation, Gallery U Boutique, and TRU Design. Each of these individual brands represents the highest evolution of community-based rehabilitation, vocational training, and living services in the industry. Since its inception over a quarter-century ago, UIRehab has become the leading provider of rehabilitation and supportive living services to individuals with Acquired Brain Injuries, Spinal Cord Injuries, and other neurological conditions throughout the Northeast and Midwest. We have been providing the highest level of services to clients from all over the world through our team of leaders and therapists representing the best, brightest, and most talented individuals in their respective fields.

At UIRehab, we do not teach our clients how to simply learn to live with their disabilities — we teach them how to function best in spite of their disabilities. It was Jerry’s mission to show the world that with enough motivation, hard work, and positive energy, anything is possible. It is our responsibility to carry on that legacy and to instill his hope, determination, and courage into every client that joins our family.


15-17 Microlab Road
Suite 101
Livingston, New Jersey 07039
United States

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  • Department of Developmental Disabilities Provider

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