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SUWS of the Carolinas is a wilderness treatment center blending the power of nature with traditional therapeutic models such as CBT & DBT. We are dedicated to providing the most sophisticated level of care to all of our students; providing them with the tools to lead a healthy, fulfilling life. SUWS of the Carolinas ensures that all of our services reflect dedication to providing clinically excellent care to individuals & families in need. The clinical principles that drive us to excellence are a client-directed, outcome-informed treatment philosophy, and a data supported belief that the therapeutic alliance is the most important single element of a good treatment outcome. As a roadmap to clinical excellence, the treatment team at SUWS of the Carolinas implements a treatment model that is based upon a series of patient-focused principles, including the following: Addiction is a treatable, chronic, relapsing brain disease The most important element in treatment is the therapeutic alliance Client-directed, outcome-informed treatment leads to improved outcomes Continuing care support is a primary factor in sustained recovery Strong Clinical Foundation All of our clinicians bring to SUWS a wealth of clinical knowledge and experience. They strive to keep abreast of current research and evidence based practices SUWS clinicians will share their expertise through monthly peer trainings, webinars, and presentations at regional and national conferences Individualized treatment plans for all students Ongoing Measurement & Assessment Ongoing measurement and feedback is the basis for outcome informed decision making and treatment SUWS has been focused on measuring treatment outcomes for wilderness therapy programs SUWS is a member of the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Council, which is dedicated to facilitating research on the efficacy of wilderness treatment for adolescents, and in promoting the industry We will measure functional outcomes on admission and every three months post discharge Programs within our four core treatment areas (Child and adolescent mental health treatment, addiction, behavioral health disorders, and autism spectrum disorders) have participated (and will continue to participate) in a range of independent and peer-reviewed studies. By offering research-supported, client-directed treatment that emphasizes the relationship between client and counselor – and by ensuring that our programs and personnel meet or exceed measurable standards for clinical excellence – SUWS of the Carolinas is provider of choice for individuals and families in need.


363 Graphite Rd
Old Fort, North Carolina 28762
United States



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