New Frontiers in Learning


The mission of New Frontiers in Learning is to provide the highest quality education and social support services to young adults who learn differently. Our ongoing personalized programming is designed to meet the needs of students who benefit from individualized supports in the areas of academic learning, executive functioning, and social interaction at the secondary and postsecondary levels—and beyond. Today, NFIL has evolved (and continues to evolve) from our initial focus on college students to a much wider variety of individuals, ranging in age and ability level but sharing a common theme—a desire for independence, and a recognition that self-advocacy is at the root of their potential success. With a stellar team ensuring that all of the nuanced work which goes into developing and executing a plan for success—now and into the future—is adhered to, adjusted, communicated and acted on, our goal is to prevent anyone from ‘falling through the cracks’, while developing the skills necessary to reach their full potential, in school and in life. We eat, sleep and breathe executive functioning and transition supports, and all of the important skills and strategies that accompany the process. We look forward to hearing from you, and having an opportunity to assist you, your son/daughter, friend, colleague—or anyone else—on a path to success.


80 Broad St.
Suite 1702
New York, New York 10004
United States



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