Ann McDonald, Psy. D - Integrated Neuropsychology, LLC


I am a clinical neuropsychologist who works with children (age 6+), adolescents and young adults facing developmental, attention, learning, or emotional challenges that interfere with learning and / or behavior at school and /or home. My goal throughout the evaluation process is to develop a comprehensive understanding of your child, and to determine how best to help him or her. A good neuropsychological evaluation should provide parents and schools with 1) information about a child’s strengths and needs (including a diagnosis, if one exists), and 2) detailed information about where to go from here. I collaborate closely with families and schools to create a unique roadmap for education and treatment for each student. Prior to your child’s neuropsychological evaluation, I meet with parents for an intake meeting to review your child’s developmental, medical and educational information. I then conduct a comprehensive evaluation with your child that includes gathering data about intellectual functioning, academic achievement, cognitive skills (e.g., language abilities, spatial skills, motor skills, memory, executive functioning, etc.), and emotional functioning. Depending on the age of the child, the evaluation is scheduled over 1-3 sessions. I also extensively review academic, medical and other relevant records in order to better understand your child. I meet with parents two weeks after the evaluation to provide results, and can also meet with the child, depending on his or her age. Parents then receive a comprehensive report with detailed recommendations. I also observe students at school when necessary, collaborate with your child’s school / treatment team, and attend IEP meetings when needed. It is my passion to help children meet with success and happiness; I am always happy to speak with families about whether a neuropsychological evaluation would be beneficial for your child.


202 Mountain Avenue
Suite 3
Westfield, New Jersey 07090
United States

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