Listings in Moonlighters (Sitters and Tutors)

Welcome to the NeedQuest Moonlighting Project! A "Moonlighter" is a professional or student in the special needs field who babysits or tutors part time. Teachers, therapists or college students studying special education or a related field of study can list themselves as Babysitters or Tutors for families with children with special needs.

Disclaimer: NeedQuest does not endorse or recommend any of the Moonlighters (babysitters and caregivers) listed on this website. We do not perform background checks or vet the sitters in any way. See our Terms of Use for our full disclaimer.

We recommend that you follow the below guidelines when hiring a sitter or caregiver:

  • Checking References. Checking references is important part of selecting a care or service provider. We recommend checking two to three of the provided references.
  • Conducting Interviews. Families should thoroughly interview potential caregivers and allow enough time to ensure that all important questions are answered. 
  • Running a Background Check. Running a background check is an additional step you can take to better understand the candidates that you are considering. It is not a substitute for checking references and conducting interviews. The results of a background check may not always be 100% accurate or complete.