Lisa Ciarrocca, Child Life Specialist


The Next Step: Partners in Psychosocial Care was created as a Child Life practice outside of the hospital walls. Families affected by trauma and medical crises often feel lost and unsupported beyond the hospital setting. My goal is to improve the quality of life for affected families by addressing psychological needs that often go unattended. At The Next Step, we work with a wide range of psychosocial issues for children, adolescents, adults, and their families related to chronic illness, injury, trauma, grief, and loss, assisting clients in coping with these difficult issues and facilitating the healing process. We offer a highly personalized service for both families and medical staff in a comfortable and supportive environment, and home visits are available. We also offer assistance in helping children cope with medical procedures and also assistance with those undergoing treatment or coping with another’s chronic illness. The objective is to assist clients by increasing understanding of their situations and identifying their needs. The goal is to support them in finding their own strengths, enhancing their ability to cope, and bringing a sense of normalcy and consistency back to their everyday lives that will promote hope and healing.


36 S. Martine Avenue
Fanwood, New Jersey 07023
United States

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