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For over ten years, Ivy Educational Services has been providing test prep and college counseling services on the East Coast. Beginning in Fanwood and Bernardsville New jersey and expanding to an international reach, they have remained true to honoring one student at a time. With an exceptional pool of talented counselors and tutors, Ivy Ed has created a program that seeks ways to help each individual achieve academic excellence and to also make learning fun. Jacqui and Nicole met at a conference at Brown University in June of 2004. At that time, there were very few companies with experts in both test prep and college counseling (most companies specialized in one or the other), so they believed that if they combined their talents they could develop a team that would help students through the entire college search and application process. Within six months they had an office and staff. Their hiring practices remain stringent to this day: In order to interview, candidates must be able to attain a 760/800 and a 34/36, respectively, on each section of the SAT or ACT in which they hope to tutor. College counselors all have advanced degrees, experience in counseling, and have visited hundreds of colleges. In addition, Jacqui and Nicole decided from the beginning that each student would benefit from this team approach: the company’s goal would be to make the testing, college search, and application process as calm and stress-free as possible, honoring one student and family at a time. They have been told by thousands of clients that they have achieved this goal. Now, more than ten years later, Ivy Ed has office locations in New Jersey as well as a satellite location in Lausanne, Switzerland; international students who Skype in; and an alternative middle/high school, FlexSchool! It’s been a busy ten years, and Jacqui and Nicole remain passionate about their work and their students. They credit their amazing staff for helping them turn their dream into a reality, each very important student at a time.


150 Morristown Road
Bernardsville, New Jersey 07924
United States

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