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Author, “How to Advocate Successfully for Your Child: What Every Parent Should Know About Special Education Law” In this new book, Greer M. Gurland, Esq., Harvard Law School, ’94, delivers a mega-dose of power for parents with passion and insight. Greer is a seasoned special education attorney–and a mom of five special needs children–who clearly works hard to level the playing field for parents. On each page, she demystifies special education law and answers the most troubling questions parents face. This book is written without “legalese,” and from the perspective of someone who has been there. Greer’s warm personality comes through. You will think of her as a confident and a friend well before the last page. Enjoyable to read and loaded with direct, strategic, and practical advice and guidance–all delivered with empathy and passion, and a clear desire to make a difference. Appropriate for parents of children with special needs from mild to severe, including autism, ADD/ADHD, learning differences and learning disorders, auditory processing disorders, expressive and receptive language disorders, dyslexia, emotional, social and behavioral challenges, anxiety and “twice-exceptional” children (children who are both gifted and have special needs). Relevant for parents in all fifty United States. Topics include: how to qualify for special education, what a parent needs to look at in an Individualized Education Plan or IEP, the difference between IEPs and 504s, the possible placements and programs available, lists of possible modifications and accommodations, negotiating strategy that works, organizing your child’s file, the nuts and bolts of how to file for mediation including sample completed form, due process, sample letters to the school and additional model forms for parents to use right away to be their child’s best advocate. Also available in a complete Spanish edition, made possible due to a generous gift from Children’s Specialized Hospital.


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