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Our mission is to provide the highest quality educational and therapeutic programs for individuals with learning, language and social/emotional challenges to achieve their maximum potential as responsible adults in society; recognize and value the individuals’ unique abilities, learning styles and differences; and serve as a leader in promoting innovative educational programs. At Academy360 Upper School, we provide secondary programs approved by NJDOE for autism and behavior disabled through both self-contained and departmental instruction. With a strong academic component, life skills, career development services, and instruction in special areas including art, music and video production, Academy360 Upper School students have expanded opportunities to experience success and prepare for the future. We provide specialized support services to encourage more independence and to help students be successful in an environment more like a typical high school. Academy360 Upper School offers a comprehensive program based on principles of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), Differentiated Instruction, and Universal Design for Learning, and provides even more opportunities for peer interaction, and social and community engagement. Our state-approved curriculum emphasizes academics, incorporating real-world experiences, and life and social skills training to support students in all areas of development. We also provide services for students who need a more traditional self-contained classroom environment. And when appropriate, we also assist students with transitioning back to their local school districts, into vocational programs, and community colleges. Independence, self-determination, and personal growth are the cornerstones of the Young Adult Program at Academy360. We give our young adult students the tools they need to become as independent as possible through integrated, community-based learning opportunities designed to support skill generalization. Our goal is to ensure a seamless transition from the security of the school environment to the adult world of increased choice and self-direction. Our Young Adult Program offers students ages 18-21 a full day program supporting transition into adulthood. We use the principles of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), Differentiated Instruction, and Universal Design for Learning. Our state-approved curriculum emphasizes the skill sets our students need to live, work and socialize within their communities. Our students graduate with the necessary linkages to post-secondary supports. We believe in teaching the “whole child” and provide special programs including music, art, computers and adaptive PE to help each student explore their interests and aptitudes and build self-confidence. We also provide Community Based Work Experience which permits students to apply life skills and academic subject matter outside the classroom setting and features hands-on learning and application. Extended school year program and after school programs available.

This video provides profiles of students and how we help them achieve.


6 Regent Street
Livingston, New Jersey 07039
United States

The main entrance to Academy360 Upper School is on Microlab Rd., directly across from LifeTown.

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  • College & Career, or C2, is Academy 360 Upper School’s program option for students in grades 9-12+ on the autism spectrum who are underachieving in their current placement due to anxiety, disengagement, bullying, and deficits in the area of self-regulation and executive functioning. C2 offers college prep coursework including pre-Calculus; literature-based English emphasizing critical and analytic thinking; lab sciences; physics; foreign languages; AP and honors coursework through Florida Virtual School (FLVS).
  • Weekend respites to allow students to enjoy social and leisure activities with their classmates under the supervision of qualified staff.
  • A variety of after-school programs are offered including drama, sports, Girl Scouts, filmmaking, culinary arts.
  • Activities such as a prom, school musical, basketball team, chorus, and cheerleading provide a more typical high school experience.


Monday - Friday 8:30 AM- 3:00 PM

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