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Our mission is to provide the highest quality educational and therapeutic programs for individuals with learning, language and social/emotional challenges to achieve their maximum potential as responsible adults in society; recognize and value the individuals’ unique abilities, learning styles and differences; and serve as a leader in promoting innovative educational programs. Academy360 Lower School uses a contemporary array of evidence-based strategies including Applied Behavioral Analysis(ABA), Differentiated Instruction and Universal Design to teach the “whole individual.” We push boundaries, helping each person we serve to discover unique talents, develop self-worth and vocational skills, and maximized opportunities for independence, self-direction, citizenship, and community integration Academy360 Lower School is approved by the NJ State Board of Education Private Schools for the Disabled programs. We serve students, ages 3-14, with preschool, elementary, middle school and 9th-grade transition programs. NJ. Formerly known as The Children’s Institute, Academy360 schools have provided special education services for over 50 years. As part of our promise to deliver a spectrum of options, classrooms at Academy360 Lower School provides NJDOE-approved programs for those identified as a preschool child with a disability, elementary and secondary autism, and behaviorally disabled through both self-contained and departmental instruction. High-quality early education is the most effective primary intervention for young children with autism spectrum disorder and behavioral and related disabilities. Our state-approved curriculum emphasizes effect, evidence-based interventions. It focuses not only on the acquisition of critical new skills but also on socialization, language and communication strategies, and modifying behaviors that may interfere with learning and living. Our data-driven program for younger students adheres to the dimensions of traditional Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA.) It is applied, behavioral, analytic technological, conceptually systematic and effective and works to help students begin to generalize learned skills and behavior across settings in school, at home, and in the community. In our middle school and 9th-grade transition program our classes offer instruction founded on the principles of ABA, however, our instructional strategy is expanded to include Differentiated Instruction, and Univeral Design for Learning as well as more contemporary ABA strategies such as peer modeling and incidental teaching. We believe in teaching the “whole child” and provide special programs including music, art, computers and adaptive PE to help each student explore their interests and aptitudes and build self-confidence. Extended school year program and afterschool programs available.


1 Sunset Ave
Verona, New Jersey 07044
United States

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1 Review
Jennifer Wilner
We love this school

My son has been at A360 Middle School for 3 years, We love the program, the teachers are warm and receptive to our input and make every effort to accommodate my son's needs. The staff is amazing and the program is educational, vocational and technology forward thinking. We will be moving up to the Upper School Program and are very excited to continue this experience and prepare him for adulthood.

June 2019

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