Academic Success Associates


Dr. Francie Matthews and her associates help parents identify and remove the educational obstacles standing in their child’s way. Our approach features a personal evaluation and customized success plan to fit each student’s learning style and possible learning differences. You and your child will see positive results and feel better about school. Our approach includes the following: Consultation: We listen to your concerns and gather key information. Evaluation: We can perform a detailed, expert assessment of your child’s academic strengths and areas for improvement. We specifically identify any learning differences and disabilities that may create obstacles to academic success. We can also help interpret and clarify a school evaluation. Personal Learning Plan: We will craft an individualized plan of how we can help your child with concrete actions for home and prescriptive instructional strategies for the classroom. Learning Services: We deliver the right level of one-on-one cognitive and academic skill-building to help your child succeed. We are available to discuss progress with you as parents and with teachers to keep school performance on track. Contact us for your personalized consultation.


540 East Broad Street
Westfield, New Jersey 07090
United States

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