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Jack and Leslie

My name is Leslie Crowe. I am the proud mother of a 15 year-old with Asperger’s and just like many of you, I am a “midnight mom.” Many nights you could find me online in the late night hours searching for help and answers for my son, who was diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder when he was three. I have experienced firsthand the frustration and desperation that can hamper the journey of finding solutions for my special needs child. Searching for resources is exhausting and exasperating. Let’s face it, not only are your time and energy in short supply but your child’s demands are endless.

At NeedQuest, you will find all of the local special needs services and providers you need for your special loved one in Union, Essex, Morris, Somerset and the surrounding New Jersey counties. We list special needs therapists, camps, schools, after school programs for children with special needs, special education lawyers, post secondary transition programs, etc…Absolutely everything special needs is right here. And it’s free for parents!

We know the sooner your family finds the right resources to meet the demands of raising your special child, the sooner you all can begin to thrive.

Take a deep breath. Your help and hope start today.

Leslie Crowe
Mom of Jack, 15

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