I am thrilled to be connecting with you and sharing the news of the relaunch of NeedQuest.com.

Your voice is so important. You have emailed, called and texted, ("Is New Jersey a good place to move for services?") and stopped us on the street with your stories of frustration and exasperation in your search for resources for your child with special needs.

We heard you. So, we invested more time and resources into building NeedQuest.com to be the most robust and useful tool out there.

You'll now find Events, with a true community calendar where anyone can add an event for free.

We added job postings for the Disability community (and we are partnering with multiple local organizations to procure more jobs for you), classifieds for the community to buy/sell equipment, and finally, deals from providers (a "Groupon" for the special needs community) to better serve you both as parents and as consumers.

As the market grows, so does the competition, and we want to capitalize on saving you time and money.

With the new NeedQuest platform, look for more features in the coming weeks...we'll be adding categories like school district reviews and a NeedQuest App to search for resources on the go.

It’s been a long road reconfiguring NeedQuest.com to meet our vision and that is why we are so excited to be writing you - there’s joy along the way as we reach our goals!

We look forward to continuing to serve the special needs community in our beautiful Garden State.


Leslie Crowe

Founder, NeedQuest