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Adult programs provide healthy and stimulating environments for adults with Autism and other developmental disabilities that focus on life skills, social skills, work skills and social development. Either sponsored by the state or by private institutions, adult programs are designed to prepare adults with disabilities for life’s challenges and give them the tools to forge a rewarding and fulfilling life for themselves.

These programs have special needs activities for adults such as culinary classes, visits to corporate work sites and physical training sites as well as day programs where adults can continue to learn and practice their life skills or employment training, and even learn about health and fitness.

Adult programs also offer support and guidance in such forms as speech therapy and ABA therapy, as well as counseling to this vulnerable population as part of their program focus on the development of each individual to the best of his or her abilities.

Also, in many adult programs, participants are actively involved in pre-vocational training, internships and apprenticeships, on-and off-site, as well as a variety of volunteer opportunities with community partners.

In fact, adults with autism and other developmental disabilities can find adult programs that focus on every possible issue they need addressed as well as those that can provide living facilities and day programs with long term therapy and help.


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